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Anxiety There is always a reason why a person suffers anxiety. The reason is usually related to trust issues. Either having difficulty trusting others but often not able to trust oneself. There is a reason why we cannot trust ourselves and/or others. The reason is unique to each individual’s journey through life so far. The

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Depression & Anxiety- Mental Illness?

“Mental illness needs to be reframed urgently. Even the phrase must change. Surely there is enough evidence by now to replace that phrase simply with the human condition”. (Rhodes 2018) I was so delighted to hear James Rhodes* share his views on mental illness. Over the past twenty years in my counselling practice I have

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Choosing a Counsellor

What to expect from counselling If you are new to counselling, it can be difficult deciding which counsellor is best for you and what to expect from them. This decision can really only be made after spending some time with a counsellor. From my experience both as a counsellor, supervisor and from training counsellors I

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