My Former Private Office

       Galgorm Counselling was at 12, The Courtyard, Galgorm Castle, Galgorm Road, Ballymena


I have since moved my office to near Bushmills

Comfortable armchairs, warmth and privacy make it conducive to counselling.

Free parking

Directions given when arranging a consultation.


     Benefits of Private Counselling

Avoid a Waiting List: I aim to meet with you within a week of contact.

Choice of Counsellor: You choose your counsellor rather than being referred with no choice.

One Contact person: No referral process, so you share your issues with only one person.

Written records: Your attendance is not recorded in your health or educational records.

Appointment Time: Every effort is made to arrange a time to suit you.

Number of Sessions: You are offered as many sessions as you need.

I offer sessions by Zoom or WhatsApp video  if you can’t meet at my office. (End to end encryption is essential.)


Benefits of Galgorm Counselling Practice

Benefits of counselling are numerous and can depend on the reasons you are seeking help.

At Galgorm Counselling you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore your issues and share personal matters in confidence.
  • Be really listened to, heard and understood; not judged or labelled·
  • Find support through a difficult time in your life
  • Clarify and gain a fresh perspective and understanding of what is troubling you.
  • Get to the ‘heart of the matter’
  • Identify any underlying causes so that your issues are fully addressed
  • Realise that you are more than your current difficulty
  • Decide and act on the best way forward for you
  • Get to know, understand and appreciate yourself better.
  • Meet with a mature, professional, well qualified  and experienced counsellor

Overall I aim to help you sort your issues and equip you to progress on your onward journey through life with renewed confidence and enthusiasm


‘Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into flame by an encounter with another human being.’   Albert Schweitzer