“Valerie has helped me immeasurably over the last few years. While you may not know why you are feeling how you feel or why you are acting the way you are, Valerie can help you understand and start to combat your feelings. I had things from my past that where holding me back and dealing with my troubled upbringing has helped me excel in my personal and business life. While I am not the finished article by any stretch I would have no hesitation in recommending Valerie’s service to anyone. “


“Prior to meeting Valerie I had endured years of anxiety attacks, I had suffered mental torment to the point of denial. I eventually had a mental breakdown. Thanks to Valerie’s knowledge and counselling techniques I am on the road to recovery. Now I have the tools to deal with life more mindfully. Thank you Valerie “


“Having spent years dealing with extreme anxiety, Valerie was recommended to me for some counselling. I was very nervous about this to start with but Valerie made me feel very comfortable and the time that I invested in our sessions have proved to be very valuable. Valerie has the most profound ability to come along side and counsel with a caring nature. I am now able to be myself without the fear of what other people think. Thank you so much Valerie. ”



“I’ve experienced many forms of counselling & therapy over the last 20 years but the last year I spent in counselling with Valerie has been the most valuable time spent. I now feel like the person I was always meant to be & am now looking forward to a bright & happy future where I feel equipped to deal with what lies ahead. I’m amazed by the change in my life & am extremely grateful for the help Valerie has given me in such a caring & insightful way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Valerie.”


“Thnx so much for this! I hae7n̵v;t been this moved by a blog post for a long time! You have got it, whatever that means in blogging. Well, You are certainly somebody that has something to say that people should hear. Keep up the wonderful job. Keep on inspiring the people!”

The Ladybird:-)

“Valerie is a very special lady who is extremely talented in her role as a counsellor. She unearths the underlying issues in a subtle and sympathetic manner and the kindness she shows towards you encourages you to be kinder to yourself. I was feeling lost and overwhelmed by the stresses of life, Valerie helped me find my path again by helping me find me. Best phone call I ever made.”


“Having reached a point in my life where i realized i really needed to seek some form of counselling i spoke with a friend and they recommended i contact Valerie. I guess i was somewhat reluctant at first meeting someone that i didn’t know and yet from the first session she put me at ease and over a period of time i found the sessions extremely helpful by providing me with coping strategies which i have been able to use. I would recommend Valerie as a professional and caring person that i would strongly recommend to anyone that believes they require counselling. “

The Soaring Eagle

“I knew that at times I wasn’t myself but it was a colleague who suggested that I needed help. I resisted, thinking I could sort myself. Despite my best efforts things didn’t improve. Luckily I found Valerie. So began a journey which was initially tough, often emotional, totally enlightening and thoroughly worthwhile. Valerie helped me in such a lovely calm, caring and gentle way to understand myself. My confidence returned and I am able to have fun again! Thank you Valerie for ‘switching on a light’ in my life.”


Exceptional support

Over the years Valerie has helped me to realise one very simple but profound thing – its OK to be me. Valerie has a very unique gift of being able to untangle the past and help you to realise that your future matters. I absolutely would recommend valerie to everyone who needs this exceptional support.

A safe space to talk

I had been dealing with conflict and pain for years without anybody to share it with. Valerie listened with kind, non-judgmental sympathy. She listened intently and rephrased my feelings using my own language: I felt she tuned in to me and my needs instantly. Apart from providing the relief of being able to ‘offload’ my pain, Valerie equipped me with tools to change the way I spoke to myself. My inner voice now often sounds like Valerie, reminding me about self care and standing up to my inner critic. Thank you Valerie, you are a warm and generous woman.

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