Useful Resources

I have included some links to resources that you might find useful. Just click on the links in blue below.

It’s Good to Talk offers a wealth of information about counselling and answers frequently asked questions.

Ask Kathleen is a guidance and information service. It answers questions and offers help and reassurance if you have any concerns about your experience of counselling. It also sign-posts you to printed information about how therapy works and what good practice should be.

What is Psychosynthesis – The Institute of Psychosynthesis website explains this in more detail and includes a podcast.

See Podcast 2: What is Psychosynthesis by Roger H. Evans

If you would like to understand more about the value of Psychotherapy please view Dr Leslie Carr’s  talk entitled “Reconsidering Psychotherapy”.  Watch “Reconsidering psychotherapy: Dr. Leslie Carr at TEDxFiDiWomen” on YouTube

It is often considered that seeking help is a sign of weakness and yet it takes courage to seek help and talk about what is troubling you. Brene Brown offers an interesting talk entitled “The Power of Vulnerability” that you could find useful and encouraging.