Re: Portadown Wellness Centre

Re: Portadown Wellness Centre

Hi Alan and all, 
Friday 21st January would suit me fine at 7pm. 

I could take the train to Great Victoria Street station. =
Train back will leave that station at 21.10 or 22.40 which could allow me t=
o join you for dinner. 
Looking forward to meeting you all.
Kind regards, 
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Sent: Thursday, January 6, 2022 11:27:10 AM
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Subject: Portadown Wellness Centre

Good morning all

I hope that everybody enjoyed a lovely Christmas and New Year.
I have been in touch with Tracy and she is returning from America on 1=
7th January.
Would everybody be free for a meeting at 7.00pm in the Europa, Belfast=
on Friday 21st January to discuss if there is "mileage" in us wo=
rking as a team to provide support for those in our country today who are s=
truggling with emotional issues.
I propose the meeting lasts for apprx 1 hour. I will forward a pr=
oposed agenda.
For those who wish to have some dinner afterwards, we can eat in Ginge=
r Restaurant just up the road. Portadown Wellness Centre will pay for the m=
I appreciate the time may not be brilliant for you Valerie, but some o=
f the team have clients during the day, so evening might be best.
Let me know what you think.
Take Care
Valerie Adams

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